"When I first met Ammie, I was going through a really stressful time in my life. I was about to get married and all the planning was starting to get me down. She came to my place of work (a large book store) to ask to do an author's signing of her book, and the minute I met her, she made me feel like a long lost friend! For some reason, I instantly felt comfortable with her and poured out my heart to her, a complete stranger! She listened intently to me and gave me the boost of encouragement I needed. I remember sitting down at my desk at work and crying; it felt so good to be listened to by someone who didn't judge me, but saw the person God was calling me to be. From there on, we met weekly for years, and she has been a huge source of help! She is encouraging and puts the exact amount of fire I need under my butt to get up and get going on dreams I want to accomplish and that God is calling me to do! I would highly recommend talking to Ammie if you are feeling discouraged, lost, or just needing to find your true calling in life. She generally loves people and is an asset to my life. -E.E. Chicago, IL"

“Ammie's kindness and compassion has reached levels far beyond belief. She has helped so many who struggle from within themselves through a very special, personal touch. She shows us how God has blessed each of us, no matter what. Personally Ammie has strengthened me more than I could have ever imagined. Her messages are the daily strength I need. Ammie keep up the inspiration we all need. With love. – TP, Indiana”

“Ammie GENUINELY cares and GENUINELY from the heart and soul believes in people and miracles. Having someone to guide you who believes in this when you need this yourself, and is willing to be there to remind you and guide you, is a blessing! - DS Yardley, PA”

“What can I say about Ammie. She is able to present things in such a way to make you believe not only in yourself but in your greater purpose here on earth. She is truly a gift from God who always gives her full attention to any of your concerns and is able to set you on the right path. Ammie is loving, giving and it is my pleasure to call her my friend and mentor. – NF, Wisconsin”

“Ammie has been a huge help to me. For most of my life I have been worried about money. I have also had issues with deciphering other people's signals and motives. The biggest victory? Being able to trust and let go of fear worry and anxiety and to truly listen to and trust the voice within. I remember going through a tough time with my business in 2009-2010. I just didn't know what to do. Ammie asked: "have you prayed over the books? The next time I went over to the books I did what she suggested. And the answers came. Talking on a regular basis with a person who truly cares and wants you to be active about doing what you came to the world to do: to love and serve has helped me to steer my mind away from fears and towards action and fulfillment. – JK, Illinois”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ammie Peters for many years. She has truly been an inspirational blessing to me during the recent storms in my life. Her prayers, encouragement, support and constant care not only have helped me through rough times, but also inspired me to support others and to praise God for his good works. She is a special friend. – LM, Pennsylvania”

“As you approach that fork in the road, wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal confidant at your side providing you with the courage and wisdom to choose and travel the right path? Ammie is very skilled at providing advice specifically designed not just for your circumstance, but tailored to you personally. She has a thorough understanding of the uniqueness and individuality we each possess. I have been counseling with Ammie for about three years now and am immensely grateful for her insight. She is honest, discrete, and trustworthy. Her mentoring and encouragement have made this life journey more joyful and complete. She has been helpful in defining my life in terms of purpose and direction. Do not hesitate to contact her for mentoring, advice, and counsel. I can personally guarantee that you will be blessed. - C.V., Dowagiac, MI”

"Since the summer of 2011 when I met Ammie, my life has never been the same, in an AMAZING way I might add. Every single person has a story and they are all so very different and unique. My story wouldn’t even be one if it weren’t for Ammie. Because you see, I didn’t feel like there was anything wrong in my life, but when I would see Ammie and the blessings and love that came along with her very being, I knew that I wanted MORE and more of what she had. They say, “mother knows best” which I couldn’t agree with more and this took even more meaning into my life when Ammie quickly became like my second mom. Having the opportunity to spend time with her, and I mean really spend time with her because she will give you everything her heart holds for you, was absolutely the beginning to the most life changing period of my being. She was and still is someone who LOVES you no matter what you have done, someone you can TRUST wholeheartedly, someone who truly CARES for you and your well-being, and someone who doesn’t JUDGE like the rest of the world. There is not enough time or space for me to put into words everything that this woman’s spirit led encouragement and wisdom has done in my life. All I know is that without her love and faith in me, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today. My journey is still growing and she is still very much a large part of it, but if I had to go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t even have to think twice about it. It would be inevitable, just like her love. - SS, Orland Park, IL"

Ammie L. Peters

Ammie L. PetersAmmie L. Peters is a Life Coach, an inspirational author and speaker whose passion is to touch each and every heart with Love, Hope and Inspiration. She is a mother of two, Tyler and Samantha, and currently resides in Illinois. Growing up in a small Indiana town, she began writing poems as a teenager but had no idea she would later be a published author. Her creative writings started after receiving many miracles while facing death multiple times due to a rare blood disorder diagnosis at the age of 24. She understands the precious gift of Life and wants to encourage others to embrace the Blessings and Miracles that surround them each and every day.

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